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Cafe Vico Piano Bar 

The newly opened Fort Lauderdale Piano Bar at Cafe Vico Italian restaurant, is so much more than that. The beautiful new room is the perfect place for a happy hour rendezvous, for a fun way to start a special night or an elegant way to end a lovely evening.

Wood floors and stone walls in the entry are complemented by special wines displayed in backlit racks. Once inside, the Piano Bar room at Cafe Vico offers a spacious granite-topped rectangular bar with natural stone pillars leading up to dark beams near the blue-lighted ceiling. To one side of the bar is a wine cellar room with a long table for special events and parties. On the other side of the bar a lovely banquette wraps around a series of glass topped gilded tables. Wall sconces offer warm ambiance and there are plenty of the signature Cafe Vico celebrity portraits on the walls.

And of course the baby grand gleams in the corner.

There is a piano player on hand Tuesday through Saturday  5 pm to closing, there are three different players that take turns entertaining. Each has a distinctive style ranging from jazz to disco, all have the ability to set the mood.

When high season comes around Wednesday and Thursday will become Jazz Nights at this charming Fort Lauderdale Piano Bar with everything from a little cool lounge music to smoking hot jumping jazz piano moves.

Happy Hour runs from noon to 7 pm Monday through Friday and 4:30 to 7pm Saturday and Sunday. You are sure to find your favorite drinkon our new Bar Drinks list featuring special pricing. One can always select from the full house menus but with so much to choose from on bar menu, you may never get the chance. Fort Lauderdale’s newest piano bar is also one of its nicest and likely to become one of your favorites.

Cafe Vico Piano Bar Drinks List

  • Cafe Vico Piano Bar Drinks Open or Close


    Lemondrop    16
    Citrus Vodka, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour and Simple Syrup


    Vicotini    16
    Absoulte Peach Vodka, Peachtree Schnapps and topped with Prosescco


    Perfect Dirty Martini    16

    Ketel One Vodka, Olive Juice and Gorgonzola Stuffed Olives


    Ultimate Cosmo    16
    Grey Goose Citron Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice and squeeze of fresh lime


    Espresso Martini    16

    Double Espresso Vodka, Baileys, Kahlua, and a shot of Espresso


    Chocolate Martini    16

    Chocolate Vodka, Chocolate Liqueur and Créme De Cocoa


    Apple Martini    16
    Apple Vodka, Sour Apple Pucker and splash of sweet & Sour




    Classic Mojito    16
    Bacardi Superior, fresh mint, lime, sugar and top with soda water


    Platinum Margarita    16

    Patron Silver Tequila, Patron Orange Liqueur, lime juice and sour mix


    Caipirinha    14

    Brazilian Rum, Lime and suga


    Vico Old Fashioned   14
    Bulleit Bourbon, in the classic old Fashioned, garnished with a cherry       


    American Mule    14
    Titos Handmade vodka in a  classic mule


    Sangria Red  or White 14
    Made with red or white wine, brandy, peach and mango schnapps, tripple sec, orange juice, plus plenty of real fresh fruit

  • Cafe Vico Piano Wine By The Glass Open or Close

    Pinot Grigio 12
    Sauvignon Blanc 12
    Riesling 12
    Chardonnay 12
    White Zinfandel 12


    Cabernet Sauvignon 12
    Pinot Noir 12
    Merlot  12
    Malbec 12
    Montepulciano  12
    Chianti 12

  • Cafe Vico Piano Bar Beers Open or Close

    Peroni, Italy  7
    Samuel Adams,Seasonal  7
    Miller Lite  6
    Blue Moom,Belgian White  7
    Sierra Nevada,Pale Ale  7
    Yuengling Larger  7
    Heineken 7


    Corona  6 
    Stella Artois  6
    Guiness Drauht  6
    Coors Lite  6
    Michelob Ultra  6
    Bud Light  6

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